Dastardly Line

Quilting Service

Book your quilt top in for some expert treatment at the hands of Dastardly Line

Here at our studio in Bridgeton in Glasgow we have a fully computerised longarm quilting machine. We offer a range of beautifully illustrated designs and can stitch quilts up to a width of 120 inches/ 3 meters

Quilts where the shortest edge is over 1 meter/ 40 inches £220
Quilts where the shortest edge is under 1 meter/ 40 inches £140
Basting quilts any size £140
Price includes thread

Have a look through our range of designs then email deborah@dastardlyline.com to arrange a time to drop off your quilt.

Alternatively, how about having your own bespoke design made?

Or, consider doing one of our courses or renting the machine yourself?

Quilt preparation:

You must provide your own quilt top, wadding and backing fabric

Your quilt top, wadding and backing must lay flat.

Press all seams open

Don’t baste your quilt. The fabric is attached onto the machine separately.

Your backing fabric and wadding must be 20 cm/ 8 inches larger than your quilt top.

Make sure all loose threads and pins are removed