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Quilt your Quilt

Stitch the three layers of your quilt to a professional standard either manually or using a digital design
Individual booking

Quilt your Quilt

Here at Dastardly Line, I want to open up all aspects of longarm quilting, not just manual use. Quilt your tops to a professional standard in a day either manually or by using a digital design.

***October and November promotion - £30 off all quilt bookings***
£80 for full size manual quilting/ £50 for cots size manual quilting
£120 for full size digital quilting/ £60 for cot size digital quilting

Cot quilts are any quilt where the smallest side is under 1m/ 40inches

Complete your top manually
Arrive at the studio at 10am. I’ll give you a piece of calico to practice a design on, alongside some samples for inspiration. Once you have a design in mind and have practised it a few times we’ll load your quilt onto the machine together and off you go!

Complete your top digitally
Arrive at the studio at 10am. We’ll load your quilt onto the machine together and I’ll take you through the range of patterns available. Once your design is chosen I’ll show you how to set up the digital pattern for the size of your quilt. Throughout the day you’ll learn all about digital quilting from how to roll fabric forwards to re-positioning the needle (and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can have a go at designing a pattern while the machine is stitching your quilt!)

Top, wadding and backing not included. Wadding available to purchase from the studio
Thread included in price
Available 10am - 6pm Monday - Thursday, Saturday
*Note - cot quilts take less time and so are available 10am - 2pm

Click here to browse the range of digital patterns available. All patterns are included in the set price. If you want something specific let me know beforehand and I’ll design something free of charge as I’m currently building up my pattern library and need inspiration!

Length of time stitching depends on the density of your design and how big your quilt top is. You will have until latest 6pm but might be finished beforehand. If you’re finished beforehand and still keen to quilt I’ll give you a short project


*normal prices
£110 for full size manual quilt tops/ £80 for cot size manual quilt tops
£150 for full size digital quilt tops/ £90 for cot size digital quilt tops

How to set up your quilt for a longarm

  • Your backing must be squared off - if your fabric is squint then one side of your quilt will be baggy on the frame

  • Don’t baste your quilt. The three pieces of fabric are attached onto the machine separately.

  • Your backing fabric and your wadding must be larger than your quilt top, preferably by 2 - 4 inches on every side

  • Make sure all loose threads and pins are removed

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