Dastardly Line

My story


Hello, I'm Deborah

I am an artist, former cobbler/ professional shoe polisher, Scot, Fifer, slightly unwilling traveller, and founder (sole employee…) of Dastardly Line.

I am a proper quilting nerd and really, really into longarm quilting machines. I am absolutely living my dream by talking about them full time.

Around two years ago I was walking near Charing Cross in Glasgow and it was so unbelievably miserable that I couldn’t remember why I lived in Scotland anymore so I moved to New Zealand.

I bought a 1994 Toyota Estima with 260,000 miles on it and named her Becky. I turned her into a drawing studio and toured the country for 6 months.

This trip was so important. For years I knew I wanted to make an illustrative quilting company but I couldn't draw. I decided to buy an a4 sketchbook and drew a lot of rubbish every day until I could manage to be less of a perfectionist with my work and do something I liked.

When the weather grew too cold my partner and I (I have conveniently forgotten I did this whole thing with someone else) moved to Wellington and I got a job as a cobbler. Cobbling was really important because I think it's the opposite of art school; all skill, no theory. I think it was the thing that made me realise that actually what I am personally interested in is the creativity and manufacturing process of objects. Learning to hand repair shoes taught me the patience I needed to gain in quilting.

In February 2018 I returned to Scotland, completely in love with Glasgow again, with the necessary focus to build Dastardly Line to be what I want it to be.