Dastardly Line
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How to Setup a File

To set up a file:

Files must be in Adobe Illustrator format and they must be saved as Illustrator 8

Your file must be within 300 x 50 cm. 300 cm is the maximum width of the machine, but your file can be longer in length than this, it’ll just have to be rolled on. See the video in About

They must be drawn in a single line path (weight of line doesn’t matter) and the file must be only one layer. There cannot be any filled shapes but it can be an outline. 2*

The image does not have to be a continuous line design or already formed into a pattern.

For every new thread colour you must have a separate file - similar to screen printing.


There are no limits to how dense your stitching is/ how many layers of stitching you have, BUT:

1. Your fabric must be non stretch. The fabric has to be pulled tight on the machine so if it’s stretchy then the entire thing will pucker once it’s released.

2. Fabric doesn’t like having too many holes in it as it’ll weaken and your stitching will look messy. If you have lots of layers of stitching then you might need some interfacing/ a fabric stabiliser. If you don’t understand this then come in for a consultation/ email deborah@dastardlyline.com. This applies mainly to thinner fabrics.

3. Fabric moves around as it’s stitched - layering up and achieving 100% correct registration can be incredibly difficult. This is partially because as you stitch it, the fabric draws in and becomes smaller.