Dastardly Line

Hand Finishing


Finishing the Thread

Every one of my drawings consists of one continuous line that you'll be able to follow with your eye. However, the machine isn't perfect and when I get back to the studio I have to fix all the places where the thread either snapped or the bobbin ran out. This often means unpicking parts then going over them with my sewing machine.

I use a tiny drops of invisible glue on the thread ends to give them a little bit of extra security.



Once quilted, I cut down every quilt to size then sew on the binding. Before hand binding, I overlock all the edges. This gives that little bit of extra security that it will all stay together with long term use.


Hand Binding

To finish, every quilt is hand bound with 100% cotton thread.


The Stamp

Every item is finished with my signature scribble stamp featuring the Pantone colour of the year giving each piece a signature and a date, like a piece of artwork. This year it’s ultra violet