Dastardly Line
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Get Started - Group Lesson

A 2 hour course tailored to quilting groups. Learn more about this incredible machine and what it can do for you
£70/ group

Get Started - Group Lesson

Manual use.jpg

Have all your longarm quilting questions answered in this 2 hour informal session tailored specifically to quilting groups.

In hour one participants will learn all about manual use. You will be encouraged to have a basic go at stitching yourself while learning how material is loaded and what is required to design for this incredible machine.

In hour two we will talk about digital pattern design. Participants will be briefed on the basics of AutoPilot, Art n Stitch and Adobe Illustrator. Understand just how easy it is to create unique patterns designed for individual quilt tops.

Walk away with a much greater understanding of how this incredible machine can benefit you. This is the perfect way to get involved with some of the zero waste projects Dastardly Line Studio is getting up to as, of course, zero waste and patchwork quilting go hand in hand.

Tea and coffee provided
£70 per group (2 - 8 people)
Contact the studio to arrange a time. Weekends and evenings available