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Finish Your Quilt Top Using Your Own Digital Pattern

In this 8 hour course split over 2 days you will create your own repeat pattern then digitally finish your quilt

Finish Your Quilt Top Using Your Own Digital Pattern


Take your pieced designs to a new level by creating your very own repeat pattern. This course provides all the basic information you will need to unlock a world of fabric design.

In this 2 hour extension to the ‘finish your quilt top’ course you will either:

1. Using the machine sewhead, trace a shape or design within your quilt and form it into an all-over repeat pattern, or,
2. Learn how to manually draw a repeat pattern. This will be digitised for the next time you return to the studio, or,
3. Use a graphics tablet to create your own pattern using either Adobe Illustrator, Art n Stitch or AutoPilot

In the second day, watch your design be digitally quilted and walk away with something truly unique to you.


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