Dastardly Line


Dastardly Line studio is an ambassador for Maker and Producer. M.A.P are a Bridgeton-based social enterprise who take the surplus fabric from scarf and blanket manufacture which they sell to reinvest the profits in Glasgow’s people. This is a truly ethical enterprise and what’s so amazing about this project is that this is some of the highest quality cashmere, lambswool and angora money can buy.

A lot of this surplus comes in pieces - perhaps there’s a flaw and that’s why it cannot be sold, so often the pieces are weird sizes and sometimes there’s a whole box of one colour, and sometimes only one 10cm piece. A lot of waste in created during manufacture anyway, for example all the selvedges need to be cut off of every scarf and blanket, creating miles and miles of ‘slitter tape’.

I buy this fabric from M.A.P. and turn it into unique and high quality products - mainly cushions, scarves and blankets.

Contact deborah@dastardlyline.com to discuss a commission