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1 Hour 'Play'

Perfect for those interested in longarm quilting but unsure where to begin. Rent the machine for an hour and get to grips with the controls over a short project


1 Hour ‘Play’

Interested in longarm quilting but you’re not sure how to get into it?

Come into the studio for a 1 hour ‘play’ on the machine. Choose from two options:

1. take a pile of surplus cashmere scrap and work within some pre-drawn ‘patches’ (squares) on calico.

Or, 2. start with a piece of calico and stitch - just like pen and paper.

This course is perfect for those unsure where to start with this machine. It is the best way to learn the very basics of how to use the controls in an informal and un-precious way.

Available as a gift voucher

Contact the studio to arrange a time